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Flexographic Plate Mounting Tips

Proper surface preparation is important to ensure that the plate mounting tape will develop consistent and optimum adhesion between both the plate back surface and the cylinder or sleeve.

Tools Required:

  • Razor blades
  • Isopropanol and water (50:50 mixture)
  • Rags/wipes
  • Hand roller or 3M PA-1 Wiper

Surface Inspection:

Surface uniformity is important in developing consistent adhesion across the entire cylinder and plate. Scratches, nicks, dents and other surface abnormalities will create variation in adhesion levels. This variation may result in removability or flagging problems. Care and effort should be taken in maintaining a consistent uniform cylinder surface.

Surface Cleaning:

Cylinders, sleeves and plates should be clean and dry before the tape is applied. Removal of dirt, oils, residual inks and general contaminants from the cylinder and plate surfaces is important in developing optimum adhesion results. A thorough wash using a 50:50 mixture of isopropanol and water should be sufficient for cleaning cylinders, sleeves and plates, unless there is a significant build-up of grease, oils, ink or other contaminants. A mild solvent should be used to cut the grease, oil or ink build-up, followed by a wash with 50:50 isopropanol and water.

*Note: When using solvents, be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions and precautions for handling such materials.

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